Our Story

Hey y'all! Welcome! I'm Dinika, the Licensed Massage Therapist/Holistic Wellness & Self Care Coach behind the NorthEnd Rose brand. In my field of work, I've seen many of my clients experiencing stress, feeling down or feeling apathetic towards things they used to love. They didn't know what they were experiencing was various levels of mental fatigue. In full transparency, I've even experienced this at times in my personal life being the mother of a toddler who has been diagnosed with Autism. Let's be honest...it's incredibly difficult to find the time to sit down and breathe and there are times when we're feeling down or stressed with no idea how we got there in the first place. NorthEnd Rose Scent Studio was born from my desire to use scent as an easy, conveniently effective way to reduce mental fatigue while at the same time establishing essential self care routines.

Our Scents...

NorthEnd Rose Rosemont Candle from the Hartford Scents Collection

The scents created and curated here at NorthEnd Rose are phthalate free, infused with essential oils and go a step beyond the incredibly beneficial holistic practice of aromatherapy. Our scents are created and curated to intentionally trigger "feel good" memories and emotions. In the NorthEnd Rose world, this is known as Scent Therapy (a post on scent therapy will be up soon). The products created with our scents are natural, eco friendly, convenient, easy to use and can be placed almost anywhere. This gives busy, overwhelmed people (like us) the ability to have "therapy in the palm of our hands" with expert guidance on how to carve out time for ourselves, initiate self care activities and "lift our spirits". I guess you know what that means...the benefit of having a scent that smells good to you and is good for you.

Scented for Good...


We're proud to be "Scented for Good™" by helping our clients and customers use scent to develop routines that have a positive effect on their mental health and by donating to organizations that have a similar mission. We have a special affinity for organizations that support autistic individuals and the families that care for them.