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Hartford Scents Collection

The Hartford Scents Collection is very near and dear to my heart. Every scent in this collection has a special or noteworthy memory for me...every single one. Scent and nostalgia have a deep connection that's been scientifically proven, so I wanted to share with you and in turn, share a little piece of what makes me who I am. It's my hope that sharing through scent will facilitate a connection with you...and perhaps you'll even share your memories and scent stories too. :)

NorthEnd Rose's Copper Rose

The Hartford Scents Collection is a nostalgic collection of scents that feature aromatic tributes to Hartford, Connecticut's historic landmarks, neighborhoods and key figures in Hartford's rich, illustrious history.

Hartford, Connecticut is the home and birthplace of many famed, historic landmarks, people and patents. I created the Hartford Scents Collection as a way to preserve the memories I had as a young girl growing up in such a well known, yet seemingly forgotten'll be surprised at what was birthed in my hometown. I also wanted to introduce and perhaps spark the curiosity of others in hopes that my beloved city would again be recognized and remembered as the great place of innovation it was once known to be.

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